Monday, June 7, 2010

If you go out in the woods today...

Yesterday was my youngest daughter's dance recital. She is 4 years old and begged us to put her in ballet.

I have to say, she is really interested in dance, and followed along quite well through the whole recital, I was quite impressed. They danced to "Teddy Bears Picnic". Next year she says she wants to do "fast dance", so either Jazz or Hip hop.

One thing that I noticed, is that in previous years of attending dance recitals, they costumes were always very racy, almost too revealing. That was not the case this year, in fact, I'd even go so far as to say that they were very boring. I would like to think that there could be some middle ground, not sleazy, but at least some sparkle and pizzazz for the $60+ you pay for your costume. Her costume is one of the nicer ones with the tutu - but some of them just looked like spandex dresses - boring!!

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  1. I had to come by and tell you that your outside ear wax comment was such a light bulb moment for me! I bet you anything, that's the case!

    I think the dance studios have probably had to tone it down because of all the flak they've been getting lately for some of these craaaazy dance numbers and getups that have been splashed all over the news.

    I have 3 daughters, all teens. We've been in dance since they were little bits. My girls outfits were always super cute without being too slutty. But, the price, my gosh you are right on that. They're so expensive.

    Nowadays, my only daughter still in does ballet and they pretty much stick to the classic ballet outfit which is good.

    And by the way, that is one scrumptious cupcake of a girl you have there! She is lovely.